October 2014

OICS has worked with Mr Ellis Wilkinson over many years as both an employee, and, more recently as a consultant with Hotel Services Management Solutions Pty Ltd ["HSMS"].

It is testament to Mr Wilkinson’s capability and knowledge with all things to with catering, from fine dining to industrial and aged care that we continue to re-engage.

In all Mr Wilkinson has worked with us on four separate occasions in differing capacities and has always added value to OICS’ offering in the market. Whether this be in client management, customer engagement, systems or processes, Mr Wilkinson has the ability to quickly understand the root cause and effect and come to solutions that are practical whilst inherently cost effective.

Chris Hayes


OICS Catering and Camp Rental

12 September 2017

Re Ellis Wilkinson – Hotel Services Management Solutions Pty Ltd

Ellis Wilkinson has provided consultancy services to UCWPA over the past 12 months.
These services consisted of a full review of catering, cleaning and laundry services across 6 aged care
facilities, including 3 facilities with outsourced catering. This review resulted in the organisation making the
decision to tender for the provision of all hospitality services.

Ellis had the responsibility of managing the tender process from scoping and developing the tender
documents to supporting the tender committee in evaluation and decision making.
At all times Ellis’ knowledge of the industry, tender process requirements and attention to detail, sense of
humor and resilience ensured that the process was conducted comprehensively and effectively resulting in
appropriate decision making and an excellent outcome for the organisation.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ellis to provide similar consultancy services.

Deborah Burton
Executive Manager Aged Care